Argos Real Estate & Community Management Service

We know that as you grow your real estate profile, you'll need help for second homes and more. Be sure to consult our experts to help you complete all your real estate transactions.

Our Community Management Services Team is an industry leader in working with an homeowners and board of directors.  We offer unparalleled Manager Services, Property Research, and Maintenance Services.

 Leader of Real Estate & Community Management Service


Community Property

Our experienced Residential Services team offers superior Escrow and Closing services, whether the transaction involves a single-family home, condo, refinance, or construction loan.

Second Home

Buying or Selling or Community managing business is a monumental endeavor. Argos Real Estate & Community Management Service will provide the professional and courteous service you deserve during this complex transaction. Timely preparation of HOA documents. Award-winning customer service. Competitive pricing.   All you need to do is call.

408-991-9044, Ask for Louis Kim.